You create new worlds by the power of your word.'re dizzied by trendy theses and recycled rhetoric.

 You command miracles by the power of your word.'re afraid to be seen. You're afraid to be heard.

You embody your Divine potential by the power of your word.’re not totally sure where to put the comma.

 SPELLING is for you.




is a six week, multi-dimensional writing curriculum for embodied leaders

channeling miraculously practical paradigms for



Life after SPELLING

  • You're more in touch with and guided by your intuition and psychic guidance
  • You know what, when, and how to write IT
  • You're willing to say things you've never heard before, even when you're scared 
  • You know the rules and decide when to break them
  • Your sentences are cherished for their grace and brevity
  • You publish
  • You speak out and up
  • You use your platform for truth and justice
  • You make quantum leaps in your writing projects
  • Your presence, words, and actions cast spells to dispel suffering on Earth now


SPELLING Curriculum Includes

  • Five 2 hour classes with Lizzie Rae Rose and Faye Wylder, teaching together, with the cosmic support of the Order of Magdalena. Each call weaves divine feminine healing ceremonies with practical writing tutorials - just the way we like it 
  • Bonus class with mentor, writer, and healer Layla Saad on writing for truth and justice
  • Bonus class with Editor Extraordinaire, Jen Skancke, on editing, grammar, and writing pro-tips, guided by your specific questions and writing samples
  • Facebook Group for writing support
  • 15% off all Awake Woman elixirs and flower angel attunements
  • 15% off Young Living Premium Stater Kit
  • Magick, miracles, and a whole lot more


How it Works:

  • Choose the curriculum option and payment plan that works for you
  • Receive an enrollment email with call access
  • Receive access to the Facebook Group 
  • Mark your calendar for 1p PST November 7, 14, 21 + December 5, 12
  • All classes will be recorded and shared ASAP 
  • Enjoy a cup of tea! This is a big leap forward!

Need Extra Support?

SPELLING + Private Mentorship Includes

  • Complete SPELLING Curriculum

  • Two joint sessions with Lizzie and Faye, offering extra support for your especially tender spots as you open the pen of your divine feminine heart and command miracles by the power of your Breath. Each session weaves Breath Alchemy, channeled transmissions, and practical mentorship for your writing as healing, healing as writing journey 
  • Loving attention and aligned feedback on your chosen piece of your writing 
  • Two Awake Woman elixirs customized for your SPELLING journey
  • One essential oil blend customized for your SPELLING journey 

THREE SPELLING Private Mentorship spaces available.

First come, first serve.



November 7th - December 12th 2017

Ceremony + Breath Alchemy

Energy Work + Practicums

diamond light body.jpg

1. EveryBody is a channel. 

with Mary Magdalene

November 7th * 1p PST 

  • Embodiment through Breath as the first step to your author-ity

  • Personal devotion to spiritual upkeep and expansion

  • Connect with, listen to, and translate the Source within you

2. The truth is, you matter.

with Isis

November 14th * 1p PST

  • The right and privilege of literacy and storytelling

  • Radical responsibility and care for your feelings as sovereignty 

  • Your foundational writing vision: what really matters in this lifetime

  • Your sentence as the Universe

  • How to use grammar, vocabulary, and syntax as SPELLING tools

*Bonus Class with Layla Saad*


3. Heal to write. Write to heal.

with Jesus

November 21st * 1p PST

  • Find where it hurts in you and in the world
  • Write about it while you're scared about it
  • How to use jealousy, rage, grief, and righteousness as internal healing arrows


*Nov. 28th - Integration Week*


4. Shapeshift into your destiny.

with Bernadette

December 5th * 1p PST

  • Editing as shapeshifting: how to be seen by the eyes who need to see you

  • Editing as the Creatrix - how to delete your favorite sentence

  • Editing as a spiritual integration process

*Bonus Class with Jen Skancke

5. Writing on fire.

 with Brigid + Joan of Arc

December 12th * 1p PST

  • How and why to take the heat, especially as an empath or highly sensitive person

  • How to stay current while avoiding the circle jerk

  • The longterm healing potential of your platform

  • Insights on criticism, discernment, course correction, and iteration


SPELLING Curriculum Suggested Reading List

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess, The Conflict Between Word and ImageLeonard Shlain

Poetry is Not a LuxuryAudre Lorde

A Room of One's OwnVirginia Woolf

The Big LeapGay Hendricks

Narrative of the Life of Fredrick DouglassFredrick Douglass

The Luminous Gospels, Thomas, Mary Magdalene, + PhillipLynn C. Baumann

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, Elizabeth Gilbert

I Need to Talk to Spiritual White Women About White Supremacy    Part One + Part Two, Layla Saad

Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, Lynne Truss

The Elements of Style, William Strunk, Jr. 

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, Maya Angelou

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of EarthStephen Harrod Buhner

Remembered Rapturebell hooks


all proceeds from Amazon affiliate links in this list will be donated to Circle of Health International






FAYE WYLDER IS The Lightcaster, a Pray-er and a preacher.

FAYE IS a Magdalene, offering integrated inspiration, empowering ministry, and Breath Alchemy for enterpRising leaders.

FAYE IS Earth Angel, empowering humanity’s sovereignty and creative potential by her love and wavering example. She's been around many blocks many times, and she is perfectly human.

She believes breath is God praying through us. She believes we are all God with skin on, here to joyously co-create new worlds of Light and Love with grace and ease through our business, family, activism, and daily practice of radical self-love.

An award winning writer since the age of 8, Faye holds a BA in English Literature and Dance from UC Berkeley, and has been mentoring women since 2002. She has two boys, Forest, and Fox, and is married to an Angel named Adam. 

Find Faye's work here

LIZZIE RAE ROSE is a spiritual channel, healer, herbalist, and writer. 


She works with the forces of nature (faeries, angels, love) to promote healing for both individuals and the collective. 

She facilitates healing programs for hundreds of awake women through her special blend of channeling, flower essence therapy, flower angel healing, and warm-hearted humor. Lizzie is also the founder of the Awake Woman apothecary, a curated line of flower elixirs for spiritual awakening.

She graduated from Yale University with a BA in Italian Literature (with distinction). Before starting her healing business, she worked in engineering at Google. She loves writing, and is working on a book on divine feminine faerie stories. Lizzie lives in San Francisco with her husband, baby boy, and many, many plants. 

Find Lizzie's work here



LAYLA SAAD is a writer, mentor & healer for women doing their soulwork and their soul's work.

Through her work, she helps women to more fully express and embody their Truth – both in their personal lives and their businesses. Layla’s work explores womanhood, spirituality, creativity, business, personal power and sacred activism.

Layla’s clients are women who crave a deeper connection to both their own soul and the soul of their business. She combines soulwork tools such as Divine Feminine archetypes, menstrual & lunar cycles, mystic poetry, tarot & oracle cards, ritual, shadowwork, sisterhood and energy healing, with her experience as a coach, writer and speaker to help women live and lead as the most powerful expression of their truest selves.

Layla is deeply devoted to Truth, the Heroine’s Journey, Divine Feminine spirituality, words as medicine and our individual and collective healing.

Find Layla's work here. 


JEN SKANCKE is a meticulous and passionate professional editor and a dedicated spiritual seeker. Jen earned her bachelor's degree in English from San Diego State University and later received her Professional Sequence in Editing from the University of California, Berkeley. Jen is the sole proprietor of Jen Skancke Editing, where her editing practice is guided by her deep desire to collaborate with authors to help them refine their stories and find their voice. She offers a variety of services, including developmental editing, substance editing, copy editing, proofreading, and manuscript evaluation. 

At the core of Jen's vocation is her passion for spiritual practice. Her own pursuits have taken her on a deep quest for personal evolution, growth, and ascension. An avid practitioner of meditation, Jen graduated from the Intuitive Training Program at Intuitive Way in the San Francisco Bay Area. Using her affinity for intuition, Jen has excelled at partnering with other spiritual seekers who are at various stages of their journeys, helping them better understand and clarify their own personal message so that they can share their beautiful truths with the world.


Beautiful Stephanie.jpg

This meditation gave me the goosebumps. My inner goddess is doing back handsprings and is giddy with innocent excitement that has been stuffed for too long.

-Stephanie Davis || Amethyst Star Healing

for Breath of Magdalene Ceremony with Lizzie + Faye

Beautiful Tamara.JPG

Words fall short yet I feel them spring up like a fountain. The amount of synchronicity today and during the ceremony is overwhelming. Thank you both so, so much for creating this sacred space to sit and breathe. I am overwhelmed, I am loved, I am Magdala, Home of God.

-Tamara Patrick ||Artist

for the Breath of Magdalene Ceremony with Lizzie + Faye

While [Lizzie and I] have been working together, I have encountered POTENT healing around releasing past-lives, transmuting trauma, reclaiming my magical child, activating my priestess, deeply dropping me into my power, restoring the vitality of my heart and womb, and unlocking the path of my soul and my own spiritual entrepreneurship as an awake woman on the path. I consider Lizzie to be a cutting-edge and crucial figure in the movement of awakening Divine Feminine leadership. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. There is not a single woman I know who would not benefit tremendously from the sacred gift of her services and guidance!

-Christina Korpik || Priestess, Lightworker, and Alchemist 

Empress Rising

Beautiful Heather.JPG

Faye will walk with you to some difficult places and wisely remind you that you already have everything you need to figure things out.

I’ve learned, in a really short period of time, that my intuition is always right…and that my intention to love always gives back tenfold. I understand an easier way to live. I worry less about the future, if I’m doing things right, about being the best. I have the ability to let go of things that no longer work.

Faye will charge you up so you feel magnetic to everything you want to be. She’ll always make you laugh.

Faye has brought so much light and ease and pure joy to my life. This is a chance to do something life-changing for yourself, your family, and for the next generations. Faye's work is really that impactful.

Heather Bristow || Holistic Landscape Designer


Beautiful Katie .jpg

I can’t think of anything more modern and accessible than Faye Wylder’s Breath Alchemy. Truly.

I always make time for this practice, and instantly feel seen by the divine presence within myself, returning to life feeling more connected to the creator that I AM.

This is the tantric practice I have been craving. Thank God I found it. What an incredible gift and tool for the extreme polarities we are facing as a collective. Thank you Faye. You are a rare, potent gift. 

Katie Burke || The Modern Priestess

Lizzie is an incredibly gifted and intuitive mentor who radiates huge amounts of joy and unconditional love. Working with her has been a huge blessing in my life for where I am at on my path of soul growth. She has an amazing ability to tap into and awaken the magical realms that reside within each of us, but are often tucked away. She offers gentle support to bring them back to life, so we can be the best of who we have the capacity to be, and in turn awaken the same in others.


The wisdom Lizzie holds seems to tap into the unseen worlds beyond us, and she brings it forward in a way to perfectly support women on their path of growth and life’s mission. I have so much love and respect for the work Lizzie is bringing forward and feel so very grateful to have her supporting me on my journey.

-Jo Bell Cummings

Beautiful Lorie.jpg

Thank you Faye. You are such a magnificent, clear channel for Mary Magdalene. I was vibrating at such a high level the second you called her in…I see where I am going. 

Lorie Ladd || Intuitive Channel + Spiritual Guide


Experience Faye and Lizzie channeling together here for the Breath of Magdalene Ceremony. 

Magdalene 2017 Altar.jpg